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I haven't got something right

I got a second pi 3b+ to experiment with a yagi to my west as the reception not so good and thought it may help. I live below an airway and thought I would start by pointing the antenna towards a beacon to the west.
However as a start thourght I would get the pi set up, then substitute the small temporary one with the yagi.
I did various checks on the pi including piaware-status and indicated all was good. I have left the pi running for 24 hours and the local host is averaging about 12 aircraft of which 6 have positions. I have looked for unclaimed feeders and can’t see anything that resembles mine. I have been using but at the weekend will establish a wired connection.
Not really sure where to go from here so any suggestions appreciated.
I have flightaware plus(blue).

Log into Flightaware then:

Hi, I have tried that but doesn’t find me.

The computer from which you are accessing claims page, and the Pi which you are claiming, both should be connected to the same Router.

They both are.
The wifi is working as I have been able to use google.
I don’t really understand hubs/ports, I know I have captured
data but it doesn’t seem to be arriving at Flightaware.
Could the feed from my original (wired connection)
be hindering things?

Temporarily connect Pi to router using a wired connection. Then try to claim.

Did you do a clean install or copy the SD card?

If you’re using a sdcard image, go to the top-level status page (http://<ip address>/) and there will be a link to the stats page for the feeder and (if unclaimed) a “claim this feeder” link, which specifically claims that feeder - try following the claim link.

Thanks for the replies.
I will try a wired connection tonight, and try to claim feed.
It is a clean install on a new sd card,

Before I try my wired connection, should I turn my wifi off? If so what is the best way of doing it?
Thanks in anticipation.

I am not sure, as I have not tried it, but as far as I know connecting network wire automatically switches connection to wired connection.

Please see this post:
eth0 = wired connection
wlan0 = wifi connection


abcd567 The comments are spot on, thank you.
I have tried all the suggestions, local host is showing received aircraft, some with position, have left it running for quite some time with wifi and wired (not simultaneously) and still can’t claim a feed.


(1) Did you try @obj’s suggestion quoted below?
(2) To stop/enable wifi & bluetooth (piaware sd card image):

## to disable
sudo piaware-config rfkill yes
sudo systemctl restart piaware

## to enable
sudo piaware-config rfkill no
sudo systemctl restart piaware


My knowledge getting around pi is limited.
What I did was - at top right of screen were 2 ip address - 1 for wifi and the other for wlan.
I entered both of these - one at a time - into my browser but it returned error 404? not found.
I did notice just now under my adsb feeder stats (for my original pi) the “local ip” states a different value for the last 3 figures.
As stated earlier I am receiving data and have internet connection but this isn’t reaching Flightaware my first pi set up was a breeze and I never anticipated anything any different with this one.
I purchased my sd card with image which came from a reputable source.

What your terminal shows?

The terminal shows pi@raspberrypi

Ok, you have Raspbian image written to your microSD card.

It will be lot easier to configure if you re-image your microSD card with Piaware. To re-image with Piaware image, please see this guide (dont perform steps 5 & 6 of this guide if you are outside USA or if you are in USA, but you dont want UAT978)

Note: To burn piaware image to your microSD card, download and install “Balena Etcher” on your Windows or Mac computer.


Howto : Piaware SD card image 3.8.0 Quickstart Guide

Ok I will give that a go in the morning, I have to pick up my grand daughter now.

I have a new sd card so do i need to reimage with an operating system before Piaware or does that contain everything - apologise if these seem basic or stupid questions but just starting to learn about this.

Piaware SD card image itself is an operating system. Infact it is “Raspbian Buster Lite” with dump1090-fa, dump978-fa, and piaware data feeder pre-installed. The link to download it is given right at start of the QuickStart Guide I have linked.

  1. Download and install image writing software “Balena Etcher” on your Windows or Mac computer

  2. Download the piaware sd card image on your Windows or Mac computer.

  3. Insert microSD card in the card reader slot of your Windows or Mac computer. Depending upon your computer you may need an microSD to SD card adaptor or a USB card reader.

  4. Write the downloaded Piaware image to microSD card using “Balena Etcher”.

  5. Once image writing is completed, Etcher will automatically eject the microSD card. Physically remove the microSD card or USB adapter and plug it back into the computer to complete the steps to enable SSH and WiFi (details in QuickStart Guide)

  6. After enabling SSH & WiFi, slip out microSD card from your computer, slip in into RPi, and power up. Please see QuickStart Guide for further instructions.