HUGE cargo plane at DIA


Anyone know anything about the gigantic cargo plane at DIA at the end of May? Was parked way off by itself on the southern edge of the airport.


Possible Antonov 124 sighting???

If we can’t get you the answer for sure it is because we have slept since then, well, all of us except dami.


DIA? Do you mean Denver (DEN), Dallas (DFW), Dulles (IAD)?

Might try to be a bit more specific to have a better chance of getting the info you’re looking for. I’m guessing you’re refering to Dallas because Millionair has a location there.


May mean DEN because those people in Denver think their airport code is DIA. Besides, the Antonov 124 visits Denver several times a year.


Im not sure of the exact model, but it is an Antonov. They seem to go into Denver about once a month. I got to walk around it one time. Kind of a big airplane.


You just beat me to it, yea its a 124.


Pssst, Falcon!


Didn’t I say this from the very beginning???


Is this better??

Thanks for the site.


Yea, I dont know how I missed that. :blush:



You’re welcome. Now edit your original post please 'cuz there are all these letters hanging off the right side of my display. :wink:


You did but it was about the same time I was making my commentary. If you give me your phone number, we can coordinate our postings! (just kidding, I don’t know why I said that because I think those things called phones are just a passing fad.)


If you just felt a breeze on the top of your head, it was my original post, in its original text, going right over your head…


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Is this where the confusion came from??


Yes. I was picking on dami more than anything.


DIA stands for

Denver Imaginary Airport


Anyone know WHY this plane visits Denver once a month and who the owner is?


Is this it? Looks like it will be back in Denver today.


It’s picking up oversized cargo, usually for the west coast. Each flight must be granted an exemption by the Department of Transportation. You can go to their Docket Management System to search for the exemptions. Use the advanced search option.


Search option? What is this “search option” you speak of so much…