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UAE 747 at Denver International Airport

There is a United Arab Emirates 747 on the cargo ramp here at KDEN,
does anyone have any insight on why its here?

Because it’s not in the air.

I’m confused. Your subject line says Denver International Airport. Your posting references DIA. Where is DIA airport?

If you are going to post here on an aviation website then in my oh-so-humble opinion you should use the official codes, not the crap laid on the public by politicians and the media. (DIA as an airport code doesn’t exist)

DIA=Denver Imaginary Airport

:angry: flightaware.com/photos/airport/KDIA :mrgreen:


Sounds like FA should make a change to the photo section

That’s there because someone (erroneously) placed DIA into the airport section of the pictures. Try putting KIDA into the airport code under “airport tracker/info” and you’ll get an error message.