huge bi-plane in the Chicago area... what was it?

hello… This is my first post… I am not a pilot, and the extent of my airplane knowledge is different types of commercial aircraft.

On Saturday, May 2, I was in the south Chicago suburb of Matteson. Flying east to west directly overhead was a bi-plane with the largest wingspan that I had ever seen on a private aircraft.

I was fascinated when I saw this as the wingspan appeared absolutely huge compared to what I had ever seen on any bi or single wing, as much as, perhaps, 50% larger.

Does anyone know what this was and have a photo of this?


mike johnson
Gilberts, IL

Sounds like the AN-2

Probably Obama getting some new publicity shots of the official bi-plane.

Oh no you didn’t go there!

Any excuse to see Deltalina …

“It was a publicity photo shoot of the official back up bi-plane, known as Bi-Plane One only when the President is aboard.” Robert Gibbs