Obama's Gulfstream II strikes a parked Cessna 208 ...


Obama’s Plane Strikes Parked Plane on Runway
Share January 12, 2008 11:40 AM

ABC News’ Lisa Stark and Sunlen Miller report: The plane carrying Sen. Barack Obama struck another plane while taxiing at Midway Airport in Chicago early Saturday morning.

At 2:45 a.m. Central Time, the Gulfstream 2 plane that carried Obama, nine other passengers and two crew members struck a parked Cessna 208 general aviation plane, which can carry 10 to 12 passengers.

There was minor damage to the wings of both aircraft, although no one on either of the planes was injured.

Inside Obama’s plane, the hit was so small that no one realized they had clipped the other plane’s wing until someone on the plane, looking out the window, noticed the swipe.

The plane, because it was taxiing and heading to park, was not under the control of air traffic controllers at that point.

Members of Obama’s campaign staff, Secret Service members and two crew members were flying along with the senator.

Before leaving his Las Vegas event that evening, Obama commented that he only had one hour to speak to the crowd, so his pilot wouldn’t get “cut off” and so he wouldn’t get in trouble with his wife. Obama will be in Chicago today, enjoying a prescheduled day off with his family.

N747NB Gulfstream II from myaviation.net
FAA Registry


General aviation plane? Tell that to a major airline. Fedex owns hundreds of them and they operated in airline service.

Not under control of air traffic controllers? Even at 2:45 a.m., I’m pretty sure there are controllers telling aircraft where to go on the ground.


At MDW, and almost every other airport in the US, the GA ramp is uncontrolled.

Also, a BBJ would be considered a GA plane as well as a Caravan.


Let me rephrase it. A Cessna 208 is not necessarily a general aviation plane. General Aviation refers to the type of operation and not the type of plane. s you correctly point out, a BBJ (Boeing Business Jet) can be a general aviation aircraft as can a 747.

The majority of Cessna 208s in the USA are operated s airliners. Yes, even though they only carry cargo, they can still be considered airliners.

I didn’t know about the GA ramp being uncontrolled. Thanks for letting me know.


Gulfstream II tail number N747NB belongs to Long Charter Air, LLC an Atlanta based firm.


Long Charter Air is located at 6400 Woodrow Rd, Lithonia, Georgia. Thats the same address as New Birth Missionary Baptist Church run by Bishop Eddie Long.


FAA blocked further searches on this tail number, does anyone know if this is the same Bishop Eddie Long that was recently accused in Atlanta of sexually abusing children?


Click Here photo of N747NB in new paint scheme.

According to Google search, alleged charges he is the same guy who runs the mega-Church that owns the Gulfstream!!

Originally a Texaco jet when it was delivered new in December 1968, has been owned by the mega Church since April 2005.


What searches do you mean? Something other than this?
registry.faa.gov/aircraftinquiry … rtxt=747NB

It works fine for me.