How would you unboard a plane faster


Saw this Article Southwest testing faster deplaning process at San Jose, Sacramento airports … 183003.php

I Am throwing it out there to the crowd how would you unboard a plane faster


FYI: JBU has been doing this for at least 15 years.

They were boarding and deplaning this way on my trips with them from KLAS-KLGB, and that’s with them having nearly an entire terminal to themselves (A gates), and LGB being their hub, with the stairs rolling up to both forward and aft sections of the aircraft.

This would seem to be something that would work the best at KLGB and KBUR, so why they would try it at KSJC and here in KSMF is really interesting.

What the problem will be is the big rush for getting passenger’s favourite seats if they use this to board, due to open seating.



I can recall European airlines using both front and back doors for boarding/deplaning, with stairs, not a jetway. It was many years ago. I don’t know if they still do, and I can’t remember which airlines.


Malta International Airport (MLA/LMML) and Trieste Friuli Venezie Giulia (TRS/LIPQ) have no airbridges but use only stairs, either bussing or walking the SLF to or from the gate. Most flights get two sets of stairs which at least feels like it takes less than half the time.

And hoping it works that way for me at MLA tomorrow afternoon. :slight_smile:


I am definitely a fan of the outer to inner method. Have those sitting furthest from the aisle board in the first groups, then work your way towards the aisle of the aircraft. It should reduce some ‘clogging’ of the aisles with passengers sitting in different areas boarding at the same time. It would also reduce the number of people who have to get out of their seat and into the aisle to allow others to reach their seats.


Multiple jetways (aka air bridges) is the only viable way I can think of.

One forward and one aft for single aisle aircraft with passenger capacities greater than 100.

Two forward and at least one aft for twin aisle aircraft.