How to update your Airspy mini and Airspy R2, associated with the Airspy mini and Airspy R2: Piaware / dump1090-fa configuration thread

As requested and as assistance to those who might be interested in the multitude, multitude of different tangents this thread goes BUT only just want to update, do a running install or something, of the original setup, to be able to contribute with their testing results of different features as they are introduced or updated. Hopefully someone will take the time to show how to do a full install, running install, update to the original set up etc. And hopefully in the future, authors of such updates can amplify in their introducing an update, on what process is needed to be used, to update a readers configuration, to get the update. Not everybody who looks at the relevant thread, in this open topic for all to read, may know by reading some post, on what they need to do to achiever the desired result. Perhaps someone can amplify wiedehopf’s read me associated with this process to include instructions on how to do an RC running install or the bit more involved updates other than clicking on a single script link.

Over to you boffins, here is your chance to fully explain to people who might not know, how to keep up with the rapid changes that are occuring from this community, to using an Airspy product in ADS-B tracking.

I am not sure if i understand the purpose of that thread properly

Once i got my Airspy i plugged it in, started the Raspberry and used the automatic installer of wiedehopf by simply following the instructions given in the automated readsb installer followed by the airspy installer.

Took me about 5 Minutes without any additional steps to be done (beside the configuration of the values).
The default values do fit in almost all cases. Only the gain might be changed, but that’s a single value.

Automatic install for readsb and tar1090:

Automatic installer for Airspy:

Instructions regarding location should be followed, gain setting in readsb not necessary as this is controlled by Airspy.

Once it is running, change the airspy settings accordingly

The only step to consider on upgrading is to use the proper Airspy script documented above.
In case you want to upgrade without losing the settings, you have to use the upgrade, not install option documented there.

So far the “rapid changes” you call are based on the script above. Sometimes it requires a full install, but most of the cases it’s an upgrade. For the last upgrade also a reinstall of graphs1090 was required to get the new graphs running.

The “RC” versions are for people who really want to experiment with new tools, new setting etc. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to. The stable V2.1 is still running well.
You can also wait until final V2.2 comes out.


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