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Replace prostick plus ==> airspy mini

Tomorrow i will get the airspy mini…
(I can’t wait the package will arrive😃)

I hope it will give me better results.

I read the discussions about the airspy, how to install etc.

I will give it a try…

Maybe someone have some good tips/ideas?

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So you have approx 24 hours to read the different mega-threads here in that forum :slight_smile:

I got mine for a different site a few weeks ago.
With the install of the automatic installer provided by @wiedehopf the installation is super easy.
Make sure to run the additional airspy installer as described there as additional step.

Automatic readsb installer:

You can of course install it on your dump1090-fa installation and adjust the settings accordingly.

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Automatic installation scripts:


Manual installation / configuration:


@foxhunter Is there a difference between you’re link and this one???

The first one is the Airspy setup part from my initial link
The second one is the manual installation.

It works great😀
The installation was very simple…

Now time for tweaking and staring at the graphs.

I am still wondering how the additional blue FA filter improves the reception

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The blue filter is placed because i have here a lot noises

I live in the centre of a city…

I can try to remove the filter and see how the airspy work without it😉

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Still wondering why you think it would hinder reception :slight_smile:

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Asking how it can improve it does not imply it is hindering :wink:

Would be interesting. I do have one here, but attaching it to the setup would require some handwork

I just removed the filter…
We will see… at the moment i don’t see any changes :joy:

Did you adjust the gain setting?


I see smoother tracks (due to higer message rate i think)

Options= -v -f 1 -e 8.5

(Running on a rpi3b+)

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This is my graph…
Maybe not representative because of the install of the airspy

Thanks. At which point did you remove the filter?

@foxhunter i don’t see any change with or without filter🤣
But in overall i have more messages and a more planes🎉

Today my rpi4b arrived (with flirc case)
Tomorrow i will set it up…

Do you know what the -w (whitelist) means and does in the airspy config?

Nice little setup :smiley: :+1:

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That’s inconsistent How do you nave more messages and planes if you do not see any change?

Regarding the “-w” option you might need to verify the different threads here.
Or @wiedehopf can reply

I see no difference with or without the filter😉
In overall the performance is better

Sorry, but i still do not get it. If you do not see any difference, how can you determine a better performance?

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With the airspy i see a better performance than before (prostick plus)
and i see no difference with or without the blue filter on the airspy