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AirSpy summer promotion

Shame I don’t need any more.

It looks like there is also a promotion in the U.S.


Is the AirSpy mini much better than FlightAware SDRs?

Yes. I has a much better dynamic range. That means it can hear a wider variety of signal strengths.

It generally requires more CPU and a pre-amp(for ADS-B frequencies).

Actual improvements are location specific. It worked for me.


Thanks. I keep reading about these here. I’m still on the fence due to having to add the amp and I’m not sure if my feeder PC has USB 2.0. I need to check that.

I am using the Airspy since about a week or so. My message rate went up about 25/30% and I think that is a lot!
I do see more planes further away where I did see only a few, so seeing more planes, yes.
I am using a Pi 4, Airspy Mini and an Uputronic filter. There are some very interesting threads here. Will take some time to read them, but it worth your time


I think you’re supposed to have the amp close to the antenna, but I have seen pictures of people’s setups where they have the amp connected to the SDR. I can’t put the amp up near the antenna without a great deal of work. Does it work OK with the amp connected to the SDR?

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Lots of us have similar challenges with getting an amp at the antenna. If you have a short or high quality (e.g. LMR-400) cable run from the antenna, you should do okay with amp near receiver. In my case, I’m range limited by mountains and trees, so I can’t seem to improve any more after trying various tests of amps and filters over the past year. I always go back to Airspy with an RTL-SDR pre-amp on a Pi4 which increased my performance stats by roughly 20+% over the FA Blue stick. Uputronics pre-amp was probably just as good. It’s bulky but runs much cooler.


So I have the orange FlightFeeder, can a person just take this AirSpy mini and replace the pro stick ?

Check out the threads n this forum. Or check

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No, you cannot and you should not. The FlightFeeder still belongs to FA and runs on a custom image.

I have about 40 feet of RJ-8 TV cable from the antenna to the SDR. At my age it was a major chore mounting the antenna about 28 feet above the ground and to add the amp up there would require me to completely disassemble the tower - along with my 978 tower which is attached to it. Too much work.

On the bright side I remembered that I have a nice amp that I used to use when my antenna was mounted on the roof.


I bought one. :grinning:

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Bet you will happy as soon as you get it

I expect I will be happy after I install the AirSpy, attach the Habamp 3, adjust the gain, configure the AirSpy and graphs1090! But yeah. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Are you talking about the orange stick from Flightaware or the Flightfeeder from FA itself?

Orange stick: Yes, can be replaced. But the Airspy only won’t help
Flightfeeder: There is no stick you can replace, so the question is no.

Isn’t the coax connected to a pro stick ? Obviously, it (Airspy mini) won’t fit in there but just a hypothetical question?

I have the orange FlightFeeder FROM FA. justl Like this ↓


Just buy a Pi4 2Gb and a decent PSU.

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Apologies in advance for this. I’m reading the thread “HOWTO: Airspy mini and Airspy R2: Piaware / dump1090-fa configuration” and I’m at a total loss where to start. Can someone please give me the TL;DR on this? I have a Linux PC running Piaware, dump1090-fa and dump978-fa and other feeders. I want to replace my FA ProStick on 1090 and replace it with the AirSpy. I don’t know if I can keep using dump1090-fa, or if I have to use readsb. And if so, how to uninstall dump1090-fa which I installed using abcd567 script.

I plugged the AirSpy into a test box running Ubuntu and ‘rtl_sdr test’ shows “No supported devices found.” The light on the AirSpy is not lit. But when I run ‘lsusb’ it shows “Bus 001 Device 005: ID 1d50:60a1 OpenMoko, Inc. Airspy”. Do I need to add a driver to get ‘rtl_sdr’ to recognize the AirSpy?

Sorry for all the dumb questions and thanks!

This readme is recommended: GitHub - wiedehopf/airspy-conf: Configure airspy_adsb for use with readsb or piaware.

Just run it … it’ll work fine.

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