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AirSpy Black Friday 2020

As per title:

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The US shop has them too


I already have a mini and an R2. Why am I temped to buy another R2 ??? Maybe because it’s only $133 with shipping?


I’m a little tempted to grab the mini, but I am wondering what I could really hope to gain. I have the FA blue dongle with the FA light blue filter, and I usually have the most aircraft on the Nearby receivers list.

I guess there’s no easy way to know if there are aircraft that I am missing, which I might see with a better receiver?

Same is my case.

The mini, or even maxi :wink: , cannot regenerate the signals which are blocked by my own building and surrounding tall buildings. For signals escaping blockage/absorption, the FA Blue dongle + FA light Blue Filter are quiet enough, they do detect aircraft up to 250~300 nm in unobstructed directions.

I would probably gain more by raising my antenna another 20 feet, but that would involve coming up with some kind of pole, a way to roof mount it, and a new, longer cable. I think I will save that work for someday when traffic returns to something like normal.

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When you also have close-by planes, sometimes it’s harder to get their signals in the same time.
It’s not a spectacular difference, but to me the increase in message number it was worth the $.

RTL-SDR is having a sale too