How to read aircraft info ?


Hello everyone, I am a new plane nut here. Just love to track the flights around airports.
I know the flight numbers and the “from” and “to” airport codes that display on the tracker, along with the airline code.
I know its the aricraft altitude that is displayed in the middle line. How to read and interpret the middle line information please ? Kindly help me out.


Altitude and speed, in that order

For the altitude, take the number and add 00 to the end (ex: 26 = 2600’ and 370 is 37,000’)

Speed is in knots.


Each data block shows (in this order)
FlightID AircraftType
Altitude Speed (altitude in hundreds of feet and speed in knots)
Orgin Destination

So this data block
N491N C56X
100 314

reads as N491N, a Cessna 560, is currently at 10,000 feet at 314 knots. It is flying from KRME to KTEB.


Many thanks for the info. It’s more interesting now !!


Many thanks for the reply, I now understand it fully. It’s even more interesting !!!



“^” next to the altitude block is climbing, “٧” means the aircraft is descending.


Many thanks for the tip on the “v” and “^” signs. I appreciate your time and kindness to write to me.


Actually, that’s a Cessna 560XL, Excel, XLS or XLS+.


Thanks. I should have looked it up in my reply but didn’t.