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Upgrade broke my programs

So I’ve been parsing and recording the flightaware aircraft.json file for the last year but it appears they changed the JSON format with the most recent September upgrade. I am no longer able to read altitude and speed. I pulled a snippet from the new JSON file. Does anyone know what all this new stuff means? At the very least, can someone tell me which one is altitude and speed?

{“hex”:“a8d465”,“flight”:"UAL2255 ",“alt_baro”:26000,“alt_geom”:26275,“gs”:372.5,“track”:257.8,“baro_rate”:0,“squawk”:“2721”,“emergency”:“none”,“category”:“A3”,“nav_qnh”:1013.6,“nav_altitude_mcp”:26016,“nav_heading”:269.3,“lat”:40.627162,“lon”:-87.893933,“nic”:8,“rc”:186,“seen_pos”:4.5,“version”:2,“nic_baro”:1,“nac_p”:9,“nac_v”:1,“sil”:3,“sil_type”:“perhour”,“gva”:2,“sda”:2,“mlat”:,“tisb”:,“messages”:5166,“seen”:3.3,“rssi”:-24.9},

I guess the first three, barometric altitude, geometric altitude, ground speed.

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