No altitude or speed displayed on Flightfeeder Flightview all of a sudden


Hi gang,

I am hoping some of you more knowledgeable folks will be able to help a newbie out please.

I was fortunate enough to be sent a FlightFeeder ADS-B Receiver from flightaware, & it seems to have been running flawlessly since i installed it 3 weeks ago.

However today when viewing the flightfeeder skyview there is no longer any altitude or speed information of the aircraft being displayed.

I have altered anything, but tried changing th units from aeronautical to both metric & imperial but it is exactly the same No Altitude or speed of flights being displayed.

Can anyone shed some light & offer any advice on a possible fix?

Thank you very much


Please e-mail for FlightFeeder assistance.


I have managed to figure it out & resolve the problem by clearing my browser cache & refreshing/reloading the page.

All good again now!
Thank you very much