Stupid question---Radar Data Block


I feel decided stupid for having to ask, but new member, and the radar data block lacks a legend… The top line is clearly the flight ID or tail number and the second is AC type… but the third line appears to be a coded altitude, with the “v” and the “^” presumably indicating climbing and descending, but the last 3 digits of the line… I’m stumped… I thought it could be the sqwak code… but it is only 3 digits…


Is there a legend??? somewhere?? I am an IFR student, but Radar displays are not in the text,

Thanks and FABULOUS site… I will be telling everyone…


Altitude is in hundreds of feet (i.e. flight level), the other number is groundspeed in knots.


Flyboy24g: I had to vote “YES”, but it was only in fun! :slight_smile:

You should look into getting a tour of your local ATC facility. They are really tight about getting in these days, “security”. But if you get your instructor to coordinate it, you should be able to get in. The have mostly suspended the tours (know as Operation Raincheck), but they are still listed in the AIM, and they haven’t quit altogether. You will just need to convince them that the visit is legitimate.

It will really be an invaluable eduactional experience for your instrument training, plus you get the added bonus of being able to understand FlightAware. The screens the radar controlers watch will be surprisingly familiar after having seen FlightAware. Actually, they have a lot more on their screens, but at least the data tags are the same.

See the following sections in your AIM:
4-1-6. Pilot Visits to Air Traffic Facilities
4-1-7. Operation Take-off and Operation Raincheck


I’d like to take this occasion to again request (with a zoom) the ability to click on a track whose radar block has been suppressed (apparently due to proximity to another) to see who they are (perhaps in exchange for the radar block of the track causing the suppressing). Clear? Thanks, Jan in Iowa


Go here and also look at figure 4-5-2 as well.

It’s a kinda crude drawing, but it can give you the gist… … IG%204-5-3


Good call, I overlooked that. :blush: Thanks!