How to Generate Range Plots

I see range plot images here all the time, and I have no idea how to generate them. I could write code to do it myself, but surely people are using something already written. If I’m using PiAware, is there something there that generates it? If not, I assume most of the images are generated on Windows machines. How about OSX?

I’ve used VRS which runs on windoz. Free and fairly easy to set up. But the coolest 3D range visualization I think is from planefinder. That runs on the Pi, and nicely coexists with the FA code. While it is offered at no-charge, it is closed source. That may or may not be a concern to you. You can see a sample at 3D View — Plane Finder Client pick the 3D option at the bottom of the screen. Then hold the left mouse button and move the mouse to rotate the image.

Cool. It’s similar to what I had in mind for OSX if I wrote an app myself.

I actually just put together a small python program that can be used to connect to an ADSB receiver and output *.kml files that are suitable for displaying on mapping software (google earth, google maps, etc). I’ll probably make a separate post about it, but the files are at: