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How to find historical flight information

I am using the api to find out historical flight information back to Feb. or March 2020. On the webpage, I can get the corresponding departure and origin airport like the following.

However, using the api function flightInfo, it returns no data available.

Any function suggested to query historical flight information like a month or 2 months ago?

Many Thanks!

Can you please post what parameters you are including with the FlightInfo request? This flight still appears in FlightInfo with the ident paramaters of RBA3 or BI3.

FlightXML’s FlightInfo and FlightInfoEx can return flights up to two weeks old. FlightAware Reports are can be used to obtain historical data ranging months back.

Thanks for the reply!

The indent parameter I used is BI003. Is there any requirement for the flight number format? To put it another way, any other functions that transform the nonstandard flight number like BI003 to the standard one of BI3 or RBA3?

Unfortunately this is a case where the zero padded flight number with IATA code is ambiguous and doesn’t return results as expected. It’s strongly recommended that ICAO identifier codes be used instead to avoid this scenario.