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Historical Flight information

Does flight aware have APIs to return historical flight data for upto a year?

Given a IATAcarriercode, flightnumber, date of travel I want the

  • flight departure, arrival info
  • aircraft info
  • airport info like gates of origin/destination

What is the charging structure of such an API? Is the charge per unique call or any call including duplicate call ?



FlightXML is intended for recent, in most cases up to two weeks, flights. During this time range flights can be found in FlightInfoEx by submitting the carrier and flight number as the “ident”. While IATA can work, ICAO carrier is strongly recommended. The faFlightID found in the FlightInfoEx responses can be used in AirlineFlightInfo to learn gate and terminal information.

Pricing information is detailed here. Duplicate web requests are considered separate charge events.

For historical data extending back over a year you may want to consider a data report instead.


For the data report, what would be the size and format of each record, number of records and cost?


Size and cost is dependent on the amount of activity per identifier, these values can be previewed along with included data fields in the order forms. Format is TSV or CSV. More specific questions are best handled via the contact forms on those pages.