query historical flight data through API

For app development I need to basically create a display similar to the one on the right hand side of this example from the flightaware website: https://de.flightaware.com/live/flight/PDT4110, i.e. including information like EDT, etc. Also, I have to display historical flight data (dating up to 1 year back). In most API functions (FlightInfo, Search etc.) I find that data only dates back to maximally 2 weeks. Is there a fligtaware API function that does provide the historical information for a given flight ID?

The 2 week limit enforced by FlightXML is different from the limits permitted by the website, for policy reasons. If your business use-case requires accessing data in FlightXML that is older than 2 weeks, then we will need to discuss with you the the additional costs involved, which are dependent upon how much history you need and how many aircraft you’ll be querying.