New to FlightXML

Hi, I am new to flightaware and wanted to get some inputs regarding capabilities of the API:

  1. For people who are fairly weak with coding and usage of API in general, are there more tools with actual example other than two examples in ‘’ and description of each function ‘’?

  2. If I do get an error while using this, does it count as a query and charges me accordingly?

  3. If one wants all of history for a given tail number (from TSN = 0 to latest TSN), which function would work? When I searched through all the functions in the explorer, it seems that most only provide up to 2 weeks in the past.

Thank you.

We currently provide only a single example for each language/library combination, since we expect that most people struggle with getting the initial connectivity working, rather than adapting it for other FlightXML methods. If you have specific questions, we can try to answer them.

In general, any request that makes it far enough to our server to validate your API credentials will result in a charge, regardless of the outcome of the function. This is because even a function request that returns zero results or generates an error consumes a small amount of our server resources that we must provision server capacity for, and we would like to encourage users to minimize waste.

FlightXML is only intended for accessing recent flight activity and intentionally does not provide access to historical (>2 weeks) flights. If you have a business need for older data, you can contact our Custom Reports team for a personalized quote on what you need.

For a single tail you can buy it on the web, like