How NOT to Land an Airplane! Oops!


Anyone ever seen this footage?

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"The Oops List"
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I especially like the following series:
I Lost My Job Today
Women Live Longer
yeah its a woman


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This was during a certification flight test. Here is a link to the NTSB report: … R82-02.pdf

The aircraft did fly again as it was the MD-80 that the General Electric Unducted Fan engine was mounted on back in the late 80s. I figured after that landing, it would have been a write-off.


Speaking of which, that unducted fan technology was very unusual.
Dont know much about it, but it sure looks cool! I imagine it must have been extremely LOUD.


I would hate to be a bird going throw that!


Since Damiross seems to be on vacation…

“through”, not “throw”


The UDF never really caught on with anyone. Pratt & Whiteney was working on a version as well as GE, but the whole thing was dropped. I never saw it running in person - the last UDF engine I knew about was sent to the Smithsonian.


Where it was promptly misplaced!

They have so much stuff in so many places that they haven’t gotten around to cataloging yet that it can be honestly said that they don’t have a clue where half their artifacts actualy are.