O'Hare flight just landed without nose gear, live now on tv.

it’s 6:30 am (Tuesday,June20,06)here in Chicago, on the local tv news they showed an American MD-80 land without it’s front nose gear. I wonder if Flightaware will get the video clip for this. I’m watching the emergency vehilcles arriving. Everything looks … A-O.K.

Story with some video here

Yet another reason that flying is safer than driving…Those in control of the vehicles are well-trained on handling a less-than-ideal situation. Great job by the captain & f.o. getting these folks down safely.
Some people look at these occurences as a reason NOT to fly; I see them as a reason TO fly… Who do you trust more, the pilot who’s in charge of transporting hundreds of people safely every day, or the asshole on the highway who cuts right in front of you and/or doesn’t know what a turn signal is?

Brilliant landing - I didn’t think you could keep the nose up that long.

great an md-80, im flying on that same plane and airline next month.

I just got back from the Chicago area last week. We went to O’hare to plane spot. Musta been someting to see…

Great landing though!

Makes me think back to the Blue Streak landing a few months ago.

Doubtful it will be the “same plane.”

There is a better shot of the video at this site, click on the pic of the plane.


Right under the Cubs logo.


Sad when a “…suck” website is run by fans of the team that “sucks”

Yeah, but still. Makes you wonder. Anyone know the flight number of it?

As referenced iin the linked story, it was AA1740.

Makes you wonder? That particular aircraft will probably be out of service for some time while the FAA does their investigation, then AA does their’s, then the union decides that it isn’t too much work for their beloved union workers, then they decide how to fix it, then decide, over a cup of coffee, who will fix it, then, over another cup of coffee and a doughnut, decide that it is already too late in the day to start fixing it…

See where this is going???

wow ok

Going out on a limb here, you don’t fly very much, or you are just WAAAAAY over cautious and skeptic when something goes bad…just an assumption…

… problems occur like in any other form of transportation. It’s said that your more likley to die in a car accident than in a plane crash. Im in ninth grade how much are you expecting me to fly???

Point about age duly (can I get a spell check on this dami?) noted.

As far as my expectations of you and flying, I expect no less than two flights a week, not to excede 4 flights (can’t have your arms getting too tired).

Anyway…it is 100% true that flying is statistically safer than driving. The difference is that when you hear about an airplane crash, the tally of bodies @ room temperature is much higher than your average car crash. Being worried about one incident, especailly if it is the same type of aircraft you will be flying on in the near future, is understandable, but will take away from the experience as a whole of flying.

I have seen multilple hard landings, crashes (nothing fatal, thank God) in the same type of planes, and in one case, the exact same plane I was flying in. For me, the best thing to do is just realize that $#!+ happens every once and a great while, and move on with the same enthusiasm you had before anything bad happened.

Sorry, that’s my job. The correct word is duly!

My deepest apologies…so noted and corrected…

unlike everyone else. i’m not sure how to paste connecting attachment but at www.abc7chicago.com i found they’re video showed the finally seconds clearly. really a superb job.

Wgn, link at top, shows the whole thing with not obstructions.

well all the videos are a little different… i liked abc7, are you a CUB fan is that why you favor the WGN site??? ugh… go White Sox… sorry … that was fun. wasn’t the wgn site with trees interfering ? i could be wrong… whatever , watching it live and seeing it was a safe landing made my day.