How does FA use our reports?


I have had my PiAware station up for almost 2 weeks – I’m very happy with my station and the results! My question is about how FA determines how to use ADS-B reports when * multiple reports are available. Air traffic in my location is very busy - so when i look at flights where my reports are used, typically there are only one or two used – and i know from my local monitoring i had the flight solid much longer than the used reports would indicate – how does FA select reports to use? I’m guessing the station closest to the position reported “wins” – my reports that get used are usually clustered very close to my location –

Great product, great service – as I said above, I’m delighted with this whole program - it’s even got me thinking about dusting off my Ham license!*


it’s wonderful to have lots of stations reporting the same flight since you have not only redundancy if a station goes down but also you can do some statistical processing to establish what data is likely to be correct and also see if some is really wrong.


according to what i see is that the first selectionn is what software you use. Before i used my self made antenna and planeplotter and my positions were always used on lower altitudes others couldn’t receive. My other positions were rare.
Since twoo months i have their own FlightFeeder and when i check a flight pe from norway to france or further (I live in between, Belgium) My data appear a lot from the moment my antenna receives it (+400km away to the north until my reception drops in the south. In the south i don’t get that far. During 40 minutes of these flights most of the used data are from me.
I can understand that, they do of course trust their own data more than other :wink: