PiAware FAQs

I’ve only been in the forum a few months, but like any other forum, some questions get asked (and answered) over and over and over again.

If there were going to be a FAQ that users could reference, what would it contain? Maybe we could get a decent list for FA to host.

A few ideas (not saying these answers are 100% correct):

Q: How do I delete an old feed ID?
A: Old feeds deleted automatically after 30 days.

Q: Why does the location of my feeder change, even after I set it manually?
A: Known issue. FA is working on this

Q: My RasPI is locking up. Any suggestions?
A: Many (many, many) RasPI lockup issues are caused by a weak or noisy power supply. Make sure you have good clean power to your RasPI before suspecting the FA software.

Q: I am all set up, but my FA page is not showing stats.
A: Did you claim your receiver/feeder? The stats page takes some time to build; typically xx hours.

Q: How far away will I see planes?
A: Depends on your antenna setup. Cheap antenna and SDR dongle setups can expect 50-100 miles.

Q; I want to see more planes.
A: Get or build (link to ADS-B DIY Quarter wave antenna thread) a better antenna. Place it high with a clear view of the sky.

Q: Can I have more than one feeder for my user name?
A: Yes. Each feeder will show as a separate report on your status page.

Good idea? Any additional FAQ type entries?

I get up to 250nm with and SDR dongle + Pi by having a decent antenna + amplifier above roof level - so paying attention to the antenna is worth it.

Q: How do I find out what version of PiAware I am running?
A: (------------)

Q: How do I find out what version of dump1090 I am running?
A: (------------)

pi@piaware ~ $ piaware -v
pi@piaware ~ $

pi@piaware ~ $ dump1090 --help | grep Ver
| dump1090 ModeS Receiver Ver : 1.09.0608.14 |
pi@piaware ~ $

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