how do you become staff

ive been a member for a while, ive wanted to become staff or modder are there any opening … how do you become staff whats there roles?

Staff=employee of FlightAware.

How to become staff

If you want to be a mod. make yourself useful around here and show some capability. The admins will come to you.

Level headed
Suck up to someone…

That’s my advice as an former admin on an active board.

My cc

Not bad advice, but there aren’t any Mods here as yet.

Sure there is… Mr. Duell keeps very close control of the asylum. 8)

Which reminds me I need my meds :open_mouth: :smiling_imp:

Who’s going to tell Mark of his demotion from Admin to Mod? :open_mouth:

No demotion…just a very full hat rack. :wink:

Been there done that. It can be rewarding if you can deal with the politics that can come up.

Oh yeah, as well as dealing with the tinfoil hat crowd! BTDT! I’m an admin on two other large Forums and a mod on a major computer manufacturer’s user Forum.

I find the tinfoil hat crowd fun to toy with. Especially the ones that keep coming back for more but aren’t that disruptive.

Yep, we’ve been locked down twice that I know of and it was Frank’s fault!! I’m innocent, I swear!!! Frank, you know I love you too! :slight_smile:

FedEx, you are a lost cause :stuck_out_tongue:

sigh bats eyelashes :wink:

Some times us admins and mods need a time out from dealing from those with the attitudes including sometimes our own attitudes.

Hence the asylum or lock down.

Been there - done that.

A good mod can do magic to a board.

…sometimes… “Girls just gotta have fun!” :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I often refer to some of my members as whiny little b*tches. Mods and admins love to give it because they have to take it all the time.

One of my favorite pastimes is to put up avatars that match the character of frequent posters. It gets a lot of positive responses.

I can’t believe most of the posters here are screwed down so tight that they wouldn’t enjoy a little light banter thrown at them occasionally. The drama can be as fun as the board topics.

Shouldn’t you be working young lady?.. :stuck_out_tongue:

How are you? Your loyal FA subjects miss you… :wink:

swoons and passes out shhhh…I am at work darlin :slight_smile: KISS :wink:

I can tell you will fit in nicely around here :slight_smile: :slight_smile: