How do I clear/clean the Activity Log?

I tracked an aircraft that I wish to remove from the Activity Log and I wish to remove or clean the log. I’ve searched the FAQ for this procedure but have failed to find out how to do this!

Can anyone explain this for me?


I’m not sure I understand your question. Can you try explaining it a different way and giving examples?

The area that shows:

Date, Type, Origin, Destination, Departure, Arrival & Duration! I wish to clean/clear the Activity Log as there are flights that are listed there now that are not related to our aircraft.

Thanks for your reply!

What’s the URL to this situation? How is it not related?

Check your PM!!

I replied over 20 minutes ago. I still don’t understand the issue – if you could explain it here or contact support with a lot more details, that’d be great.

I’ve explained this to the fullest! I don’t know how to state the problem any plainer!


I’m sorry, we don’t think we understand what you’re saying and I saw that your support request was the same as your original post.

The “Activity Log” is the list of past flights by the aircraft that you’re looking at. It’s automatically generated by FlightAware based on flights that the aircraft has conducted or scheduled using that flight ID or tail number.

There’s no interface for a FlightAware user (or staff member) to selectively delete flights and I don’t know why you’d want to do so.

Daniel, if I may interject on this, it sounds like Sharpsman is requesting a filter to discard ‘irrelevant’ listings on a Airport Activity page.

I wish to clean/clear the Activity Log as there are flights that are listed there now that are not related to our aircraft.

For instance, an FBO manager might want to eliminate all commercial flights from the airport page so that he sees only what’s relevant to his own FBO.

A fleet manager might want to see only his own fleet’s flights.

I expect that Sharpsman doesn’t want to alter your database, but to control his own display of the data.

Filtering. Does that help make any sense of it?


That’s it! You’ve got it to the “nitty-gritty!” No intent to change the data base! I just want MY ACTIVITY LOG to show flights by our aircraft ONLY!! And IMO…there should be a simple process for one to clean the FLIGHT LOG FOR THIS INTENT!! :laughing:

Sharpsman: To paraphrase Professor Hill: “you need to know the phraseology”. The term you are looking for is “filter,” as tobyz1 mentioned. “Cleaning data” means something entirely different. You last sentence in your latest posting should read “…to FILTER the flight log …” And, no, from a a data processing view, it is not necessarily an easy thing to implement.

I’m still not sure I understand even after tobyz1’s breakthough, but now I think you are syaing you want the airport page to show just certain filtered flights. Reason I’m confused is because there is not an “Activity Log” on that page, just Arrivals and Departures, etc.

If that is right, you only want to show certain flights at an airport, then My FlightAware is what you want, right? It shows up to 5 specific aircraft (perhaps you need more than 5?) and what they are doing at the present time.

But that would not be much assistance to an FBO since it would only show aircraft on an IFR flight plan, which would be a thin minority of the flights for most FBOs. And there’s no way to track the VFR rentals unless they happen to get lucky and get put in the system for flight following.

When Sharpsman says he wants a way for FA to “show flights by our aircraft only”, I get the impression that there’s a commercial usage underlying his wish. If so, he ought to check out the “Commercial Services” link on the left side of this page.

From ‘Commercial Services’:

FlightAware offers a variety of commercial data services including statistical analysis, historical data, automated reports, as well as real-time XML feeds to commercial aircraft operators, air carriers, airport operators, FBOs, and other aviation businesses.

What he wants might be ready ‘off the shelf’. But it won’t be free.

NO! It’s NOT for commercial usage!!

But that would not be much assistance to an FBO since it would only show aircraft on an IFR flight plan, which would be a thin minority of the flights for most FBOs.

That leads to an unrelated question, but one I’ve wondered about. Of all GA flight activity, about what percentage is VFR and what percentage is IFR? Does it change significantly from day to night?

I don’t know if there’s any way to know for sure but I think there are vastly more VFR operations than IFR. It’s generally faster and more convenient with fewer hassles and doesn’t require as much aircraft or pilot certification or currency.


NO! It’s NOT for commercial usage!!

OK. Then the “My FlightAware” is going to be your best bet.

In the new FlightAware of the not distant future, there is going to be a significant revamp of mapping capabilities. My impression is also that the ‘favorite aircraft’ section of “My FlightAware” will be expanded above five aircraft. There should also be new filtering capabilities as far as searching for aircraft.

Look through the “General” and “Feature Requests and Ideas” forums for replies by dbaker, karl, and mduell. They’re very informative about future enhancements.

However, as BTaylor mentioned, if you want to track aircraft that fly VFR without ‘flight following’, FlightAware gets no data on them from the FAA and you won’t find those planes here.
Thanks, Daniel, for your VFR/IFR reply above.*

Nope, nope…that “ain’t” what I’m attempting to do! If you go to Live Tracking and type in a Flight/Tail # the aircraft that you have typed in…if it has filed a flight plan will come up on the screen! Scroll down and there is an ACTIVITY LOG below the screen! ON THAT SCREEN…that I am looking at…there is one aircraft there that we made a flight on…that I wish TO REMOVE FROM THE ACTIVITY LOG!! All I’m attempting to do is REMOVE that aircraft from my ACTIVITY LOG!!

Simple as that!! But THAT REQUEST…seems to have BLOWN everyone’s mind here!! :cry: :cry:

OK, I’m going to try to paraphrase what I think you just said…

You enter a tail number – say N1377Z (chosen randomly). The Activity Log shows 13 tracked flights from November 20 2005. You want to make one of those lines, say the first flight of March 1, disappear and leave the other 12 remaining.

:question: Is that what you want to do? :question:

Unless someone at FA corrects me, there’s no mechanism to do that!

I’m not going to try this, but you might be able to copy the whole page into an MS Word document, delete the line you want removed, and print the page. Alternatively, you might “View Source” from your browser command menu and, if the page opens in HTML format, delete the appropriate line there. Save that version to your desktop, reopen it, and print it.

However, that’s not altering FA’s data. The next time you look for that tail number within FA, you will see that flight leg again.

The reason it seems to have “blown everyone’s mind” is the activity log is generated from public data from the FAA, and represents a historical reality. Even if FA staff did delete the records of that particular flight from the FA database, records would still exist in the many other flight tracking sites. If you own the aircraft in question and would prefer that the data not be accessable to the public, you need to request the FAA block the tail numbers (see this Section of the FAQ).