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How can i update OL3 to last OpenLayers version (5.3.0)?

Somebody knows how can I update OpenLayers map version in Piaware Skyview to last version (v5.3.0)?

I tried download and change script and css versions in index.html, but doesn’t works!


Thanks a lot!

This is the commit where i changed the version to the newer openlayers.


new ol.geom.LineString();

Creating an empty linestring now needs an empty array as an argument.

new ol.geom.LineString([]);

I made some unecessarily more complex changes as you can see from the diff.


			//var WGS84 = new ol.Sphere(6378137);
			//this.sitedist = WGS84.haversineDistance(SitePosition, this.position);
			this.sitedist = ol.sphere.getDistance(SitePosition, this.position);

The upper two lines i commented out, below is the new syntax you need to use.

You should be able to figure it out.

Or you can just base your modifications my webinterface :wink:


Thanks a lot! All works fine!

I’m trying update layerswitcher to last version (https://github.com/walkermatt/ol-layerswitcher), but itdoesn’t works… do you know how fix that?

Haven’t bothered with updating the layer switcher yet.

I need update ol.switcher to last version(from ol3-layerswitcher -v3.0- to ol-layerswitcher -v3.3-) because in this version it’s possible use dropdown list for layovers data, really useful for this addon Is there any script or tool for create airways, VORs, SIDs & STATRs? is there any script for drawing range chart by altitude?

If somebody knows how i can upgrade SkyView to last ol-layerswitcher i will appreciate.

Thanks a lot!