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How can I make dump978 write aircraft to file and send to remove dump1090?

My setup is this:

  1. RPI running piaware 3.7.1 and dump1090. Dump1090 is running in receiver-type=relay mode with an Airspy. Dump1090 is not listening on 30001. And I can’t seem to figure out how to make it listen on 30001. If I edit /etc/default/dump1090-fa manually, and then restart dump1090-fa, it reverts the config file back with --net-ri-port=0

  2. Odroid just running Dump978 for now. It was originally configured to send output to my VRS via:

rtl_sdr -d 0 -f 978000000 -s 2083334 -g 49 - | /home/mike/adsb-receiver/build/dump978/dump978/dump978 | tee >(/home/mike/adsb-receiver/build/dump978/dump978/uat2json /var/www/html/dump978/data) | /home/mike/adsb-receiver/build/dump978/dump978/uat2esnt | /bin/nc -q1 ###.###.###.### 30001

But, I decided that since I currently see so few planes via UAT, I would like to have a record of them saved to a text file too. I’m just not sure how to do that.

And, of course I want to send my UAT ADSB data to my dump1090 instance running on the RPI so that it will get sent to FA.

I was presuming that I would need to redirect dump978 output to ###.###.###.###:30001 (where this would be the RPI dump1090 listening on 30001). But I can’t seem to make it listen on 30001. And it’s my understanding (perhaps false) that Dump978 is sending out data in a format that could only be dealt with if feed into Dump1090 port 30001.

Any suggestions?



You can’t edit the dump1090-fa config manually when using the piaware sd-card image.
It will be overwritten as is stated at the beginning of the file.

FA won’t like that anymore, they have another method now of getting the UAT data directly into piaware.
You should use the current dump978-fa:
Dump978 Add-On Installation Procedures?

After getting that up and running you can either run a 2nd piaware instance or just point the other piaware at dump978-fa.
These are the relevant piaware config options:

uat-receiver-port             30978                          
uat-receiver-type              sdr

There really is only one type available at the moment and i’m not sure if using the piaware sd card to point it at dump978-fa on another computer will work at the moment.

You might be better off just using a second piaware instance where dump978-fa is running.

Thank you. I’ll hold off attempting to send to FA for now, since I’ve got a horrendous antenna setup that doesn’t afford me many UAT planes per day. I’m waiting for my DPD 978 antenna to arrive. Once I’m ready to try this all again, I’m hoping to do the whole thing on the new Odroid N2 / Ambian Stretch / pi-aware addon / Airspy (1090) / RTL dongle (978). I just figured that as long I was getting any UAT traffic at all I might as well get it sent to FA, but it doesn’t make sense to go through all of this only to be redoing everything in a couple of weeks.


Doing that on the same device seems to limit the Airspy to 12 MHz sample rate.
(@thespeedycab is using such a setup)

It might be quite a bit easier to use the Odroid for 1090 MHz with the airspy and the RPi for 978 MHz with an rtl-sdr dongle.

If you mean that the limitation would be because of lack of available CPU resources, I doubt that would be the case on the Odroid N2. But, I do like the idea of just repurposing the RPI for 978 and running both boards. Heck, if I go with that plan I can actually proceed with reimaging the Odroid, installing piaware addon, and migrating my current 1090 config off of the RPI and onto the Odroid while I wait for the rest of my 978 stuff to get here. I like that idea.

Thanks for the input!


It’s due to USB limitations.

SDR receivers don’t like sharing the USB system.
They use large amounts of data using many small packets.

With the higher sample rate on the airspy the bandwidth is insufficient.
Or it’s not the bandwidth but rather the number of transactions, i don’t know.

If you have a system with separate USB chips it can work of course because the bus isn’t shared.

Yeah that will work nicely.

You will be best served just compiling dump1090-fa and piaware on the Odroid.
But i just remembered you were just in the other thread about the Odroid N2.

Happy hacking!

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