How about a mobile site?

Could a wap or mobile site be devoloped? I could do with out the map but the data would be great.


BTW I was thinking maybe 320x320 to use on a Treo 650 :wink:

I’m afraid that I find this Poll too ambiguous to answer.

What is preventing you from accessing the site now via a WAP from whatever mobile appliance you wish?

Format? That’s a matter of correctly setting the internet web browser on your Treo.

Use an EFB? Is it WEB (WiFi) enabled? Use that to access the site on the go.

Get a laptop! My son, Cfijames, uses a WiFi enabled Thinkpad X31 as his travel laptop. At less than the size of an 8.5" X 11" piece of typing paper and weighing around 3.5 lbs it’s an ideal travel unit.

What the hell?

The idea is NOT to carry a latop everywhere. I do carry my phone though and the settings in Blazer (native web browser on Treo) do allow for images to be turned off, but to much data still comes across on the screen to make it very user friendly. A “lite” version that didn’t contain as much formating would make a great web site even better IMO. Also the Treo650 is not WIFI.

When I fly we do have an EFB, and it works great. But like I said seating in a meeting or standing in line maybe in the back of the sim my phone is more convenient then a lap top. Looking up a tail number well setting in the car for ie.

Anyway just a thought. I just find myself not using FA on my phone and wishing it were a faster download on a limited device.

i agree. 320x320 would be perfect!!

i would love to see a mobile site too. I think its a great idea. For the people who dont seem to know what a mobile friendly site is look at the yahoo one, made very nicely for pocket pc devices.

or and

Same site, just mobile friendly.

I think it’s a great idea. I have people who follow my flights regularly and it would be awesome to just create a favorite on their phone to pull up the info.

I use a Treo 700P (palm OS)
And I can use the site just fine, with the following exception.

I can NOT login. I tap the Login ‘button’ and nothing happens.

I can see the flight tracks of planes. So far ok.

But I have to text in the tail numbers of the aircraft I frequently track, because I am not logged in.

Other buttons work fine. I am also able to login to other web sites no problems

thanks for a great service


I agree with all that, I’m looking for a simple interface, like Directroy Asst.

I’m not a programer so I have no idea how do it, maybe Rick could do it. I’ll email him.

I vote yes for Treo Friendly;

However, in the meanwhile, try this: …

it’s a little page translator that google has. Not perfect, but seems to work OK. You can substitute any regular web page after the “=”.


I believe a reduced graphics version compatible with 320 x 320 would be fine, and I would love to see that.

I use a Treo 650 soon to be a 700P or 750 depending on Cingular, and it would be very helpful in future.

The regular site takes too long to load and doesn’t look quite right.

In the works. It will not be WAP but will support mobile-friendly HTML and auto-detection. Testing it with various Treos, Blackberrys, Sidekicks, and WinCE devices.

P.S. I personally use a Treo 680 and agree the current site is a bit overwhelming in Blazer but it is functional.

Thanks for the quick reply. Will advise which Treo I get and will test for you.

PS Went SAT-IAH-LGA yesterday–how did Houston make out with the ice?

I flew HOU-SAT-HOU over the weekend when the front was between San Antonio and Houston. 50-60 knot headwinds on the Westbound portion – overcast 300 in light rain & <3mi at SAT with temperatures about 40 degrees cooler there than here. Everyone was complaining of windsheer but it was smooth for us on the ILS.

There was no ice on Monday night or Tuesday morning even though news coverage insisted it was imminent and lots of things closed as a result. There was a bit of freezing rain overnight last night and bridges were frozen this AM although surface streets weren’t impacted.

Ultimately, I think most freeways closed as did schools and lazy businesses. I had no problems getting in & the airports were business as usual.

Well that’s exciting.

Willing to test, if you want someone too. Otherwise I’ll just wait.


Made the deal for Treo 750 Win 5 mobile. Pick up tomorrow.

Would love to test if you need a tester.


I have a blackberry Pearl and would love to help test also. This is the final site in my daily routine that i cant get on my phone.

Well there you go; Win Mobile (art234), Palm OS (me), and a Blackberry(tacogy3). You’ve got your testers, bring it on.

This is exciting.

Don’t forget Palm devices.