Horizon Air ad campaign


I’ve been searching for audio of Horizon’s long time ad series spoofing the ‘Clark & Lewis Expedition’ with no luck. It’s very funny. Anyhow, here is their new campaign which is also very funny, esp if you have ever driven I5 between Seattle and Portland. Its a very congested highway and always pouring rain.



Very funny stuff!


I drive from Seattle to my parents’ place in Cathlamet (just beyond Longview on the Columbia River) more times a year than is recommended by the FDA. This campaign is hilarious.

I often wonder how it is possible to drive what should take 2.5 hours and arrive there 5 hours later. (yes, 5 hours to drive on more than one occasion)

thanks for the link

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Yeah! I also really liked the Lewis & Clark adds. I heard them all the time on the radio. The Slog is great! :smiley:


“Nothing more than covered wagons with cup holders”… :laughing: :laughing:


I know! :laughing: I like that one and “turbine powered songbird” :laughing:

Some of the location videos are very funny too. I’ve driven that route about ten times in the past couple months. It sucks!


I’m just glad I finally know what’s down Headquarters Road.