Must be snowing in the real world

I wouldn’t know :frowning:
Just noticed Horizon is flying to Mammoth 4 times a day. Don’t know if they are daily or not, don’t really care either… :confused:

John in Saudi

The fact that one flight is from Reno/Tahoe is pretty funny though.

I thought that too. Maybe it’s a through flight from PDX or SEA. Can’t image why somebody in Reno would want to fly somewhere to ski. Or at least not enough people to make it worthwhile.

Houston’s in another cold snap, 80s and 40% humidity sounds pretty nice right now.

eh, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be :smiley:

It’s snowing in my world. :stuck_out_tongue: I think Horizon has seasonal service in there.

SJC/MMH and RNO/MMH routes are daily effective 12/17/09.

THe RNO-MMH flight originates in SEA. TMM

Here’s the complete MMH schedule according to the latest Alaska timetable. All flights are operated by Horizon Air DH4.

LAX 8:40 MMH 9:50

MMH 12:50 LAX 13:59

MMH 10:20 SJC 11:15
SJC 11:45 PDX 13:50

LAX 14:40 MMH 15:50
MMH 16:20 RNO 17:10
RNO 17:40 SEA 19:50

PDX 8:50 SJC 10:55
SJC 11:25 MMH 12:20

SEA 13:45 RNO 15:45
RNO 16:20 MMH 17:10
MMH 17:40 LAX 18:50

It’s 50 minutes between RNO and MMH. Driving time is about 3 hours. Add snow and lousy drivers during the winter time, you’re probably talking about another 1.5 to 2 hours.

I’m kinda like’n this weather. Supposed to get in the 30’s tonight…

I know a lot of people in Reno and I am willing to say that 99% of them would not drive to Mammoth when they have Mt. Rose, Heavenly, Kirkwood, Squaw Valley, Northstar, Boreal, Sugar Bowl, Slide Mtn., and Alpine Meadows within 15-50 minutes of them. However, I am starting to think it might just be a stop (while still a funny one to me) from SEA.

Nope, you’re wrong. Look at the schedule that I posted. The PDX flight routes via SJC; SEA is routed RNO.

Now MMH has something that the other areas you mentioned don’t have: hot springs! While I’m not a skier, I think it would be great to relax in a natural hot spring in the dead of winter.

Alaska serves nonstop from only LAX, SEA, and MMH. The MMH flights are a stop on one of the LAX/RNO flights. Perhaps the DH4 used on the flights cannot do SEA/MMH nonstop (due to range, airport conditions, whatever), so the use RNO has a logical stopover. In any case, it wouldn’t surprise me that people go to RNO to gamble and take a side trip to MMH to ski.

It will be interesting to check out the pax load on BTS when they are available in a couple of months.

I do need to add one correction to the schedule I posted. All flights, not just the SJC and RNO flights, are effective 17 Dec.

I have no idea what you are talking about Dami…I put SEA. :blush:

I totally didn’t think about the hot springs at Mammoth, but (just a thought), as expensive as lift tickets are these days, if a person wanted to go to Reno to gamble, they (logically speaking) would stay there to do the skiing. Then again, that is just logic speaking.

Don’t mind that “last edited” part in the previous post. That was always there. Yeah, it magically appeared. :smiley:

First I was :open_mouth: and :confused: and :blush: for you but then I :laughing:

Actually, I don’t understand why someone would want to go skiing down a hill in the first place!

I always liked Erma Bombeck’s take on skiing:

Skiing: I do not participate in any sport with ambulances at the bottom of the hill.

:laughing: Thats a good rule to remember.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: I’m afraid sometimes I do stuff where I might need an ambulance at the bottom of the hill. :open_mouth:

Have you ever tried skiing up hill? :stuck_out_tongue:

That, my friend, is funny! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Sorry David but…ZING… :laughing:

Rob do you X-country ski?

Having spent most of my youth on Mt. Hood and skiing an average of 80 times a year I can say that skiing DOWN a hill is fun and a skill. Now skiing up a hill is a TON of work. I’m not a fan of X-country skiing.

Dave you live 3 hours away from some of the best skiing in the world. Squaw Valley and Heavenly Valley make my mouth water.
I got yelled at by Warren Millers camera man while skiing Granite Chief Peak at Squaw, I was in his shot!

I down hill ski. Gravity is my friend in this case. Haven’t tried XC, no plans to either.

Sometimes, Dami likes swimming upstream.