Interesting Phone Call


Just got off the phone with my sister who is enroute home to NJ from NOLA/MSY to EWR after attending a wedding.

They were scheduled to depart at 1430CDT.

They finally departed at 1751CDT!

But, they’re not home yet.

They’re in RICHMOND, VA!

Seems there’s some weather delays at LGA and EWR that have the entire northeast backed up.

They racetracked for a while in a weather hold, but then diverted to RIC to take on a bit of the good old go-juice as they were getting a mite dry.

They’ve been sitting on the taxiway somewhere while the ground folks pass gas as there’s no gate available for them. When they’ll depart RIC is apparently anyone’s guess. My sister is probably the most popular person on the plane as she’s the type of individual who is always prepared for an emergency and she no doubt has a few beignets and Poorboys stashed somewhere on her ample person.

Whoops, I just checked again and as I was typing the above they’re off bound for EWR. Hope they make it this time.

Part of the wedding party she’s traveling with includes an elderly uncle and aunt from Portugal who are in the midst of enjoying their third airplane ride ever, the first one being the flight last week that brought them to the US. I’m giving odds that they’ll be going home by ship!

Let’s see, 1530EDT scheduled departure from MSY, now arriving 2330EDT EWR.

Yep, sounds about right for Continental.




That holding pattern is down near the beginning of the DYLIN2 STAR; you really don’t see them holding that far down. Must have been pretty bad.

I know I had a few thunderstorms roll through my area, but I didn’t think it was THAT bad.


I’m like an hour and a half away from you (either at school or home) and we’ve had NO rain at all!

At least they’re down and finally heading home, all the way back down to NJTP Exit ONE!

I told them they should have flown out of PHL, but they saved some money going out of EWR.