Home Page photo s ?

I am probably being very stupid, but I cannot find the FlightAware home page.

I just received an email saying "Congratulations, you’ve earned the Overachiever endorsement on FlightAware. Display it proudly on your FlightAware profile.

You’ve earned the endorsement because you:

  Uploaded a photo featured on the FlightAware home page 

Great work. Keep it up!"

Thanks very much, but I can’t find any photo of mine on anything that might be called a home page. It’s not that I want to brag to all my friends, I’d just like to know which photo it was :slight_smile:



This refers to the big background photo on flightaware.com. The photo changes on every page load (it’s randomly picked from a selection of photos the FlightAware community found interesting). Your photo was selected to be featured and will sometimes appear when the home page is loaded.

We’re working on making that email link to the photo that made it to the photo. In the mean time, here’s your photo that made it to the home page: flightaware.com/photos/view/4196 … 5459d8fb4j


Many thanks. Sadly that link just gives me a short message “Sorry, No such photo exists!”.

Could you just tell me the registration of the aircraft, or what type it was please? I suspect the special colours Malaysian 747 9M-MPD, which seems to be vastly more popular than all the others.

I must admit, it baffles me as to what proves popular and what doesn’t.


First of all, congratulations. I had the same question. I found my photo by clicking the “FlightAware” logo on the top left of the page over and over until I saw my photo as the main photo. It took awhile, but when I saw my photo, it was worth all the clicking!

Sorry about that, the link go truncated when I posted it. Here’s the photo: flightaware.com/photos/view/4196 … a5459d8fb4

(yes, it is the Malaysian 747 9M-MPD)