…I got a surprise alert yesterday that I had been awarded “overachiever” badge, and that was a hoot in itself…!
…but, I couldn’t find the exact reason why – it was said I had uploaded a picture that was used on the FlightAware “homepage”, but I couldn’t find any (such picture)…
FlightAware doesn’t have a page that is specifically designated “homepage” – so I assumed it would be the page one sees if accessing “flightaware.com
…I appreciate the honor and am just curious about the pict that triggered it… : )
(I couldn’t use the “reply” feature to message back…)


Actually, there is a home page at this link: flightaware.com/

At the top of that page is a large banner photo (on top of which is now a flight-search input box).

Click the small link in the lower left corner that says “view original photo” to see what’s underneath.

As you refresh your browser, the banner image will change. Eventually your OverAchiever photo will come through the rotation.


Thank you – much appreciated…I will check it out… : )