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Hockey Tail Numbers

Just looking for the Dallas Stars tail number or actual flight number for now. As of about a week ago, they had N767MW as the tail number, but that has since changed because typing the aforementioned tail number takes the tracked flight to a bunch of non NHL cities. I’m assuming they are still with Atlas Air though.

This should be the flight for the Dallas Stars:

Please note flight numbers may change (Swift Air for example) but this should point you in the right direction.

Team Airline Flight #(s)
Anaheim Delta 8948
Arizona Paradigm Air Operators 757
Boston Jet Blue 6179
Buffalo Delta 8949
Calgary Air Canada 7035
Carolina Swift Air 2216
Chicago Swift Air 2509
Colorado Air Canada 7016
Columbus Swift Air 2414 2416
Dallas Delta 8955
Detroit N682RW (not positive, but was the Tail# last season)
Edmonton Air Canada 7039
Florida Swift Air 2916
Los Angeles Delta 8950
Minnesota Delta 8951
Montreal Air Canada 7042
Nashville Swift Air 2709
New Jersey Miami Air International 399
NY Islanders Swift Air 2609 2608
NY Rangers Delta 8952
Ottawa Air Canada 7048
Philadelphia Delta 8953
Pittsburgh Miami Air International 392
San Jose Kaiser Air 525
St. Louis Swift Air 2319
Tampa Bay Miami Air International 395
Toronto Air Canada 7046
Vancouver Air Canada 7038
Vegas Paradigm Air Operators 758
Washington Delta 8954
Winnipeg Air Canada 7017

added Carolina/Minnesota 25 Oct 2019
added Chicago/Nashville/St. Louis 26 Oct 2019
added Boston/Detroit/Philadelphia/Winnipeg 27 Oct 2019
added NYR 05 Nov 2019
added New Jersey 06 Nov 2019
added Tampa Bay 19 Nov 2019

Dallas doesn’t appear to be DL8955 anymore. Most recent info has DL8955 going from the Cayman Islands to Miami.

Atlas Air GTI7910 Tail# N767MW should be the correct flight. Not sure how I came up with the DAL flight. :man_shrugging:

:face_with_monocle: Interesting:
FAA revokes Paradigm Air Operators’ operating certificate.

Appears to have flown Arizona Coyotes on their trips to Vancouver, Calgary, and Winnipeg and back to Phoenix Tuesday morning: https://flightaware.com/live/flight/PMM757

And Vegas Golden Knights on their trips to Winnipeg, Vancouver, Edmonton, and back to Las Vegas Tuesday morning and just landed in Minneapolis at 5:07 pm EDT for their game against Minnesota tomorrow: https://flightaware.com/live/flight/PMM758

I believe this is the new charter, Delta replacing Paradigm Air Operators, for the Vegas Golden Knights to get home.
Season has been postponed.