Historical Weather Data - Student needs help


Dear Forum,

Please excuse my intrusion, I am a geography student and currently trying to put together an economic geography analysis that entails taking a look at “flyable days”. What I am looking for is a yearly average of VFR / IFR days by county for the USA. So essentially this might be important if an aircraft is VFR only and they are based at a foggy airport, it may be common sense to many but from an economic standpoint, geography plays a large roll in aircraft profitability. I am not a pilot so I am learning as I go here. I know there are different levels of IFR/VFR like marginal, etc but this is a class project, not a real high speed publishable study so any help would be great. If anyone might even know where I can get historical county level data on ceiling and vis, that would be cool, I can do the coding myself.

Any help would be appreciated. My email is: ack0052@unt.edu
or wramcmedic2@yahoo.com

Thank you very much.

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Aaron K.


Try contacting NOAA; they publish the hourly METARs for most airports and probably keep an archive of them. From the METAR you can apply the standard VFR/MVFR/IFR/LIFR (probably grouping the first two and last two) metric to determine if the hour was VFR or IFR.




Not text based, but you can see where the crummy weather was at