Not sure what LIFR is? And I was curious what the weather for VFR is because I have seen it indicating MVFR or even IFR with some descent weather.



Go here: … light=lifr


From my flying experiences, I have found weather reporting observations very accurate.

With this in mind, I live only 2.5 miles from my home airport as the crow flies, where I have VFR conditions and at my airport it’s VLIFR conditions (ceilings less then 200 feet).

Soooo… just because it’s nice and clear over your head, doesn’t mean that IFR conditions isn’t present where the weather reporting instruments are.



I find that METARs are regularly very bad. I can’t couny the number of times the ceiling is reported at 2000’ and I am in the clag at 800. But thats the weather reporting in the bush (Northern Canada). What I was acutally refering to in my post was when I see 15 SM and 1500 BKN and its MVFR, I know my boss would smack me if I even thought about taking IFR fuel for that. That was all i was saying with that statement, but I believe the weather reporting is much better down south where you guys actually put a little money in it;)



Dont forget that METARS are only updated every hour, unless its a special; and we all know that A LOT can change in an hour, especially up there in Canada!


Yeah, its true. This is how I read a metar: I hear: good weather, going to make it in, probably make it in and this should be interesting :open_mouth: