My Airports - METAR Ceiling not decoding properly


CIG’s are decoding incorrectly as LIFR. SCT and FEW do not constitute ceilings. Only BKN and OVC. The below ceiling is really considered OVC013 and IFR only because of the visibility. I extracted the html since it was in a hover html code. This would be MVFR if the visibility would have been higher.


Would it be possible to use the same color coding as the site? Green - VFR, Blue - MVFR, Red - IFR, Magenta - LIFR? It would be more consistent with what I expect.

Also, I wouldn’t mind changing my location in “my profile” but it isn’t a choice. I don’t know if there are other things in the profile it would be nice to be able to change.

Thanks again for the great site.


The bug is probably not what you’re describing, but rather that it sees “3/4SM” (without the 1) and that’s making it LIFR. We can plan to fix that and the colors per your request.

IF you’re referring to “My FlightAware,” you can change the “My Airports” in your profile.


Dan, Thanks. I can see how parsing the visibility would cause that also.

I am referring to what a person sees when you click profile here in the discussion groups for a person.


I don’t know how to change the location or interests etc…


Ah – that’s in the profile link at the top of the discussion forums only.


Thanks again. I just found it and you responded before I could.