High time air frames

**What’s the highest time air frame you’ve flown? **

I saw a couple Lear 35’s listed with 26k and 28k ttaf. I recall my state had some 182’s with 15,000+ on them. I wonder how many hours the military King Airs, Lears and Beechjet’s have on them.

I’ll PM you later on the Lear- what are the Tail numbers on the ones you’re looking at?

Oh and I’ve flown a DHC-2 with 33,000 hours on it

I’ve flown a Lear-36 with 23,000 hours.
A Cessna 185 with 19,000 and its sister with 21,000hrs.

Some high time airframes:

BA 747-100 G-AWNF (cn 19766) had 109,944 hours when retired in 1999 and flown to storage in Roswell. It was sold to Kabo Air (Nigeria) after storage in Roswell and re-registered 5N-JJJ. Unknown the number of current hours.

TWA 747-131 N53110 is certainly a candidate, which had flown 105.759 hours when retired in 1998

DC-3 (cn 1997) was delivered to Eastern in 1937. It was eventually owned by Provincetown Boston Airlines as N136PB. The aircraft reverted back to the orginal registration of NC18121 and is now being restored in Vancouver, WA. Hours: 91,402

Some DC-9’s operated by Delta nee Northwest are probably right at the 100,000 hours mark.

Hey damiross,
Do you know is that DC-3 being restored to fly or for a museum display??
I fly one that’s got 50K hours and is oldest DC-3 still flying (according to FAA). It’s also a 1937 (sn:1920).

Here’s a couple of articles on it:
I cannot tell if it is currently airworthy.