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Here it is. Here it isn't

Looking at the details for a LATAM flight that had landed several days ago, I noticed SAA2983 way out in the southern Indian Ocean with an “Estimated” position …

Looking at the specific page for SAA2983, there is no such “Estimated” position shown …

SAA2983 was originally posted as YBBN/BNE - FAOR/JNB but morphed into a Position Only Flight just before departure from Brisbane.

What causes the discrepancy between the different map pages?

Interesting question.

It was a real flight when it flew over Southern Australia about 6 hours ago.

I saw it on piaware and thought it unusual to see a plane heading toward South Africa originating in Brisbane.

I just checked the tracklog and I did contribute to the track.


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It’s one of many repatriation flights operating on unusual routes.

There was a SPJC/LIM - YBBN/BNE flight (QFA7028) operated by QANTAS a few months ago.

The situation continued.

Looking at other flights, an Estimated position is shown for SAA2983.

Looking at the specific page for flight SAA2983, the Estimated position is no longer shown.

FWIW the URL before departure was

The URL while in flight was

The time also changed from 0400Z to 0517Z. The first of those two URLs no longer works.

EDIT: After arrival, the original URL worked again.