Help with microADS-B IP MLAT

Hi, I have microADS-B IP made by and using Planeplotter I have the MLAT dip switch on for MLAT and have 21 day Mlat trial and the Meinberg NTP server, I keep getting this message The time tag graph is defective. Please check that the receiver settings in PlanePlotter are correct and that there is no third party application between the receiver and PlanePlotter I don’t have any third party application just plane plotter any help world be appreciated

Have you checked, joined, posted to the Planeplotter group on Yahoo?

Planeplotter and Flightaware are different animals.

Hi, thanks yes I have posted there but stilling have problems if anyone has a microADS-B IP made by and is using MLAT can you post you Planeplotter setting please


If I remember correctly, you cannot receive MLAT data during the 21-day trial period.

The trial period is to enable you to check out PlanePlotter with your receiver. Do you see aircraft on the PP screen?

If not concentrate on getting the ADSB reception working and then you can worry about MLAT later.

Hi, Thanks for the Reply yes see aircraft on the PP screen and I’m feeding to Flightaware is there any other software or platform I can try to see if my microADS-B IP MLAT is working correctly ?

do you not have to apply for Ground station (GS) or something similar to get into their MLAT system. I don’t use plane plotter any more so cant look into it.

I think it under the help tab.