Help with location?


I live a few miles north of KTRI, in Northeast Tennessee. In 1993, Nascar Driver Alan Kulwicki’s plane crashed on approach to the airport, in a field 6 miles from the runway. I drive through Blountville every day for work, and have always wondered where the plane actually went down. I checked the NTSB Report on the incident, and it says “The impact area was located in a pasture about 1/2 mile outside of the outer marker. (North 36 degrees, 33 minutes, and 59 seconds by West 83 degrees, 19 minutes, and 04 seconds.)” The area around Blountville would probably considered “rural”, mostly farms, large fields for grazing, etc.
So my question, anybody out there with skills to decipher, and maybe map the area in question? The only thing I know for sure is that the area is off of Island Road, but that old road is 20 some miles in length. Any information is greatly appreciated.



N36 33 59 W83 19 04

Into Google Earth or Google Map search. the result will be your spot.

[Or [url=,-83.317566&spn=1.495613,2.570801&t=k&z=9&iwloc=addr&om=1]CLICK HERE for a quick link.]


There has to be something wrong with those coordinates. The LOM is at 363319.4843/821904.6482. You can see it alongside a farmers house just off Oakwood road on Google. If it’s 1/2 mile outside that point the crash point given by your coordinates are a ways off.

I haven’t looked up the accident report, what was the tail number/date/type?


I thought something was strange too after looking up the accident report, and could not get the location to match the description. (accident report text HERE.)