Help with IP address



Totally new at this, but I was wondering if some one could explain why I can’t view anything when I put my IP address in Raspberry PI 3.

I get this message:

OOPS! It was not possible to show this website

The website at seems to be unavailable. The precise error was:

Could not connect: Connection refused

It could be temporarily switched off or moved to a new address. Don’t forget to check if your internet connection is working correctly.

I can confirm I can get the internet on my Raspberry no problems,

Any thoughts or help would be much muchly appreciated.

Web interface: view live data (requires local network connection) DON"T HAVE ANY interface with live data.



That IP address is for the RPi and it sounds like you’re trying to have the RPi view itself. Have you tried accessing that IP by using a web browser on another computer, tablet, or smart phone that’s also on your same local network and not doing it through the RPi?

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are you looking at a computer on the same intranet as the pi? If you have both a modem and 1 or more routers with separate dns addressing enabled , both devices have to be connecting to the same router or modem to see the “local” display.


You have confirmed that dump1090 or dump1090-mutability is indeed running? That’s what should be listening on port 8080. Are you using dump1090-mutability with lighttpd? If so, try port 80 instead.