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Port 8080 inaccessible

Hello all,
A small problem that, despite a lot of research on the forum, is not unresolved.

I can’t access my local data:
adress-RPI:8080 (or through the page statistics on FlightAware).

I have a raspberry PI + dump1090 mutability + other feeders functioning.

Thanks in advance for your help,

adress-RPI/dump1090/gmap.html > MAP

adress-RPI > Unable to connect

adress-RPI:8080 > Lighttpd Placeholder page

Did you install lighttpd?
What is output of following command?
apt-cache policy lighttpd

You’ll have to configure that yourself.

That is only included in the lighttpd configuration for dump1090-fa, not for mutability.
Or just access your local map like described by abcd567.

Thank you so much !
so it is normal that when I enter the ip of my RPI:8080 it indicates a connection error?


Perfectly normal with dump1090-mutability.

The flightaware website assumes that you use dump1090-fa.


Thanks to you @wiedehopf (and @abcd567 of course) ! I understood my mistake.
Is it possible to install both together (mutability+fa)? I would like to keep dump1090-mutability if possible.

I wouldn’t advise it, there is not really a reason for it.

Noted ! Thank you so much !

1 - What are the reasons you want dump1090-fa?
2 - What are the reasons you want dump1090-mutability?