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Help requested on past flights

For a project I need to know the tailcodes of the Air Star Boeing 767 aircraft that flew flights SRR6316 (or S66316) between EDDK/CGN and LFPG/CDG on March 19, 21, and 25, 2019.
Unfortunately this data is hidden or no longer available for free on the FlightAware, Flightradar24, and Planefinder sites.
Can someone with a paying account help me with this?

If you build a Flightaware ground station instructions are here. and feed data to Flightaware you get a free Enterprise Account that gives the following data.


19-Mar-2019 OY-SRW
21-Mar-2019 OY-SRW
25-Mar-2019 OY-SRF


I knew this Enterprise deal from Flightaware, but there are already many flight data providers out here using a home-built PiAware setup, so adding one more doesn’t provide added value to the Flightaware network. FWIW: my project is about interpreting bistatic Doppler signatures caused by radio reflections from aircraft.