Help: PiAware Install Issues

Just starting into this with a spare PI 2B and a DVB. I already host a MarineTraffic AIS and have RuneAudio running on two other Raspberry units, so not “Day 1” but certainly not an expert either on the PI.

My PI unit appears good with Raspberry PI OS (32bit), but when I flash “piaware 7.2” to the 8Gb MicroSD it does not boot. I am using PI Imager to flash the card and can see the following files when done.

Should there also be a config file? The documentation reads like it will default to ethernet (which I want), but I just get a solid Green and Red light on the motherboard and no lights on the ethernet port when I try the flashed piaware micrSD card. If I drop back to Raspberry PI OS, I get a solid Red light and an occasional Green flash on the motherboard and activity flashing on the ethernet port.

I tried to write the image with Etcher and it failed. PI Imager completes and allows me to navigate to the microSD and see the directory with the three files I listed earlier.

The DVB USB is working also. Was listening to FM using it w/ AirSpy on my PC this morning before trying FlightAware.

If you see those files, it has only expanded the archive

The .img is what you need to isolate/expand/extract and write. That’s the image itself.


You first have to unzip the download and then you can write the .img file to the SD card with the Pi imager or Etcher.

Etcher fails due to your attempt to write a zip fie to the SD card.
Once the .img file is on the SD card it will boot.

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Thanks oblivian. That was exactly it.

Thanks tomvdhorst. That was exactly it.

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