Help a guy out

Anyone have a 737 training Manuel from Simuflite or a similar training facility?
I want to start studying for a type I was hoping to do this is summer but funds are tight.

If you have one I’d like to borrow it. I will pay for shipping both ways.

Before I get people chiming in that I will receive training material before going to school- I understand this. This is not my first type. I don’t have the money for school this summer BUT would like to start studying for it now.



PPW is the place to ask, you’ll get one for sure.

PM me here or there if you need a lead.


Jason… check THIS out. There’s info for both the classic and the NG.

A VERY good link, I don’t know why I didn’t think about that. I got the CRJ information when I was studying for that from this site. They have removed them since then though.

Thanks Mano. that’ll keep me busy for awhile

You’ll receive training material before going to school.

HAHA thanks. Got $7k I can borrow?

Is that all?

Cheers… :wink: