OK, that was weird. I clicked on my bookmark for the homepage of FA at 9:10 AM Central, and got a strange screen that said FA was down due to high volume, maintenance, or something like that. At the top was a link to www.helloflight.com. Did FA get hacked for a moment or was this a legit thing?

Just curious. I tried to go back and get a screen shot to post, but I can’t make it happen again.

The site was down for about 15 minutes for some back-end maintenance; the link to that site was probably an ad.

Hope all came out well and everything was tightened up…

Maybe we can get a page that states your updating for maintance or something like that.

The page did say that FA was down for maintenance or due to high volume (re-read my original post :unamused: ). The HUGE helloflight.com part of the screen is what made me wonder.