Heavy duty ATL diversions expected on Sat 3/28

weather.com/newscenter/storm … om=hp_news

The weather people are forecasting some serious stuff for FL AL GA MS TN SC NC on Saturday - with Atlanta right in the middle of it. Should be some interesting diversions on Saturday …

Too bad that TYS probably won’t be getting any. I think they’re getting the heavy weather as well.

True. Already this morning it looks like FL and DL are just throwing in the towel and doing a lot of cancellations. Then again, you never know when a stray international 777 might show up at TYS.

You’re right. I always like tracking them in. It’s usually the event of the year at that airport, unless the president shows up in Air Force One. That looks like a possibility - Obama may rededicate the Great Smoky Mountains National Park during their 75th anniversary celebration later this year.


How long has this been available?

Since at least 06 Dec 2007! :stuck_out_tongue:

No one tells me anything!

How do you access that page without the link? I looked under Live Tracking but didn’t see anything.

December 6, 2007.

We put it up 31 Aug 2006 and it hasn’t changed since 9 Sept 2007. I don’t think it’s linked to from anywhere because the initial revision wasn’t really that accurate (it included a lot of intl flights that didn’t really divert).

I was only joking as that’s the day before you joined the Forums. :smiling_imp:

Didn’t know that it actually went back to 31 Aug 2006!