Hard landing and tire failure at SMF

Live feed from ABC 10. news10.net/news/liveonline/d … menuid=181

Jet Blue.

I was there when it happened. Unreal. I had my scanner with me, as the Post Office there is the closest true Post Office to my work, and caught the whole thing. This caused 16R/34L to be closed they can get her off the runway, and it is still closed now, along with taxiway W and A8. They are waiting for another aircraft to come up from LGB to help those booked on the continuing flight to LGB that didn’t make the drive into Oakland to catch another one from there.

News10’s slideshow doesn’t do it true justice, but you can tell how hard it was from the wheels in the shots:

news10.net/slideshows/galler … .-26,-2010

JBU263 is currently showing as delayed because of this.

flightaware.com/live/flight/JBU2 … /KSMF/KLGB


At what point does a hard landing become a soft crash?

Airbus. . .

Boeing. . .


Ole’s Airplane Works?

I know that. I always have to pick on Airbus.

Once metal breaks free as a result of impact.


Parking Break!? Check…

Parking Break!? Check…

“…the airplane came to a stop about 2,000 feet from the touchdown point.”