Gulfstream V climbing @ 6,000+ FPM??


See flight log between 07:41 and 07:42 altitude.

WOW! Is that true? And is that normal?

In trying to find tail numbers to track ( I’m new at this )…I happened upon this one. Looks like a sole business ownership for a Hotel Management company. It’s pretty busy! Around the US, to Hawaii, Japan, Europe, etc…All in the last 15 days.

The other tail I’ve taken to is this guy because I’m a fan of the Canadair Challenger…and this one has a neat paint scheme!
as well as this one:

Gary in Pennsylvania


This is a very common error and has been discussed MANY times.

Please search and you will find your answer. :smiley:


At that low of an altitude that would be normal. I do that all the time in the XL. In fact back when I flew Lear 25’s we could do 12000fpm :open_mouth: for a little while. I bet if when they’re empty they do it all the time, it would be a pretty good desk angle.

I don’t think this is an error, had it been at FL380 I would agree, or if it had been 10000fpm I would agree. The GV holds a “time to climb record” of 51000 in 15 min, that averages 3400fpm all the way up; so early on I bet it was 6000fpm+.


Oops. My mistake.

I thought GAry was asking about the altitude errors that we have all come to see on the flight track, where they are cleared up to 35000 at 11000 then it shows 11000 then 35000 then 15000 or something.

I do not know much about the gulfstreams, but I am sure they have some balls, especially when empty! :laughing:



You and I are kindred spirits only I stick closer to home and track planes that I hear on the radio (I listen to aviation radio all the time). I listen to NY center on 124.9
N282Q is owned by GF Management Co in Durham, NC.

Pretty impressive company only been around since 1988.



And your point was… KDSM? (To start adding to your small post count?) The above post does nothing whatsoever.


I think he added the "WWE Linda and Vince’s jet " part.
Is one of the pictures linked to “linda and Vince’s”?


where im from they call that “ballin” :laughing:


GF of 282Q has nothing to do with hotels. but yes they are busy, this G550 and the 2 previous GVs (282QT and the original 282Q which was actually owned by NC Air and Travel, which became GF) owned by GF do more cycles than even net jets GVs